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In 2014, Limited liability company ” Capitalpromresurs ” in cooperation with public joint-stock company Special Technological Equipment Plant “Electrotechnology” and with the support of Private farm enterprise “Grace” mastered manufacturing of grain seeding machine “SIVA” C3M 3.6 No-Till technology. Our company specializes in manufacturing and distribution of grain seeding machine on the territory of Ukraine. Throughout the year 2014 our experienced team of skilled designers, manufacturing technicians, farmers and agri scientists was working hard on grain seeding machine developing that function on the No.-Till technology. The experiments carried out on the fields of Private farm enterprise “Grace” outperformed the expectations of seeds germinating ability and demonstrated the simplicity and structure reliability of grain seeding machine “SIVA” C3M 3.6 No-Till technology.
The name “SIVA” was selected by our team for good reason, as SIVA was the god of sowing, harvest and cattle in Slavic mythology. And we hope that our grain seeding machine “SIVA” C3M 3.6 No-Till technology will become your irreplaceable assistant on the farm.
Mechanical grain stubble seeding machine “SIVA” C3M 3.6 No-Till technology is designed for planting all types of grain crops implementing the No-Till technology with simultaneous dry mineral fertilizers entering and ramming. If there is no necessity of making applying fertilizer, the seeds hopper capacity can be easily increased by opening up separating partitions. As an additional option, you can set a small-seeded crop hopper .
The key pattern of grain seeding machine “SIVA” SPM 3.6 No.-Till technology is a one-piece frame with ploughshares and coulters to provide absolute backup of uneven surfaces, slopes and curves, that guarantees direct seeding into the groove soil treated by disk (coulter). Colter disk and ploughshares are arranged in staggered rows.
The favorable price and combinability with tractors of 1,4 ( 80 hp-hr ) class, is an obvious advantage of using “SIVA” C3M 3.6 No-Till technology in large agro holdings and small farms.
The entire threaded joint are metrical, so there are no problems with the maintenance, repair or quick replacement with new ones.
The sowing with grain seeding machine “SIVA” C3M 3.6 No-Till technology does not require of pre-sowing treatment, which means:
1. Fuel saving.
2. Equipment exemption.
3. Saving on salary expenses of machine operators.
4. Reduction of labor intensity during the sowing process.
Furthermore, the SPEED of the sowing process is really important, since there is always time shortage in farming business sphere which can be caused by unfavorable weather conditions, human factors, etc.
Simple mathematical calculations based on the arguments outlined above allow you to ensure a short payback period of the grain seeding machine “SIVA” C3M 3.6 No-Till technology.

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