Seeder "Siva Nova" 3.0 mini

Price: 405000.00 грн.


1. The optimum row spacing is 170 mm.

2. The distance between crops was increased for the most efficient passage of crop residues.

3. Two separate gearboxes have been installed: for sowing fertilizers and sowing grain.

4. A separate mechanism for switching on / off the drive for fertilizer seeding is installed.

5. Ability to work on Mini-Till and classic technologies - disconnecting the console with turbo disks.

6. The number of openers increased from 19 to 21.

7. Working bodies - Bellota (Spain).



Working width 2100 mm
Volume of seed bin 555 l
Bunker volume for fertilizers 260 l
Number of coulters 13 (Bellota, Spain)
Number of coolers 13 (Bellota, Spain)
Depth of processing of the coolers 0-100 mm
Seed Depth 20-100 mm
Row spacing 170 mm
Sowing speed 7-12 km / h
Grain seeding rate 8-250 kg / ha
Fertilizer Seed Rate 25-250 kg / ha
Productivity 1.6-2.7  ha / ha
Coulter pressure 120-160 kg
Tractor power from 65 hp
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